Common Core Commitments

Common Core Commitments

Key to Transfit’s success are our three Common Core Commitments of

  1. Customer Success
  2. Business Growth
  3. Leadership and Learning

Every member of our staff, regardless of their role or department, is goaled and measured on their personal contribution to all three commitments.

Customer Success

Customer Success doesn’t happen by accident or as a happy consequence of our services.  It is our absolute priority for every day of every engagement.  We think about it first thing in the morning and reflect on it at the end of each day.

  • Do we truly understand our Customer’s objectives for our engagement, and how will success be measured?
  • Is what we are doing, and the way we are doing it, driving towards those stated objectives and measures?
  • Is the customer fully informed and aligned with our daily tasks and priorities, and how are we testing that?

These may all sound very obvious questions however history has taught us how easily we can get distracted by day to day issues that leave us assuming all is still aligned rather than directly questioning it.

We all have a role to play in our Customer’s Success, and we’re all accountable as a result.

Business Growth

It is incumbent on all staff to play their own part in achieving our Business Growth principle.  The common areas of influence are as follows

New Business opportunities are not the sole domain of our sales team.  Whilst we have a well trained, active, and motivated Field Sales team, supported by many targeted Sales Enablement and Marketing initiatives, the reality is many of our non sales personnel have better insights into our client’s requirements by virtue of working along side them on a daily basis. Therefore all client and community facing personnel are goaled on introducing New Business opportunities.

In parallel, our ability to deliver on our growth targets is also linked to New Staff hires, across the business.  We have all worked with great people across our careers, or meet them in day to day life.  Therefore, why not invite them to join Transfit in one of the many roles we will be looking to fill as we steadily and systematically expand our operations.

Leadership and Learning

A strong Leadership culture underpins everything Transfit stands for.  Everyone in Transfit is expected to participate in one or more of our Leadership initiatives.

Our Leadership focus spans all aspects of our business, with involvement not isolated to technical or senior role contributors.  Leadership roles include

  • Practices
  • Technology Streams
  • Client Engagements
  • People and Welfare
  • Community
  • Vendor

If you are not already an experienced leader, you should aspire to being so, and Transfit is here to help you every step of the way.

Leadership and Learning go hand in hand at Transfit, where we provide all staff up to 20 days of paid professional development per annum.

Our fully staffed Training Academy is a major commitment to the retention and development of all our staff, and underpins our multi-million dollar commitment to Professional Development and Learning.  From sales methodologies to the latest technical releases, all staff will spend considerable time in our Training Academy, including a comprehensive onboarding program and all unassigned bench time.  Approximately two thirds of PD entitlements will be spent in the Training Academy consuming company directed leadership and learning programs, with the balance of PD entitlement being self directed.