The ‘Ten Thousand Foot’ View



Our Digital Excellence Framework includes a series of best practice Assessment, Workshop, Program, and  Implementation modules, which are underpinned by a holistic blend of Management and Technology consulting, and steeped in robust and proven methodologies and technologies.

Centre of Digital Excellence Implementation.

  • Appoint a Digital Excellence Officer.
  • Review current digital strategy including alignment with business and operating models.
  • Interview or survey Key Stakeholders.
    • Business Leaders.
    • Technology Practitioners.
  • Review Enterprise Architecture.
  • Complete a Digital Excellence Baseline Assessment.
  • Implement a Digital Governance framework.
  • Coordinate Excellence Champions across the organisation.
  • Provide ongoing Digital Excellence governance, reporting, coaching, and mentoring.

Network Excellence – Discovery and Assessment Program (current state).

  • Network (Server & Workstation), Data, and Licensing Discovery.
  • Cybersecurity Risks and Policies.
  • Inflight Projects.
  • Technical Debt / Optimisation Targets.

Data Excellence – Enterprise Wide Data Estate Implementation.

  • Data Driven Decision Making.
  • Data Estate Virtualisation.
  • Governance.
    • Security, Compliance, Anonymisation.
  • Insights and Analysis Ready.
    • Optimise, Visualise, Model and Experiment, Monetise.

Delivery Excellence – Framework Training and Leadership.

  • Success Shaping.
    • Problem Definition.
    • Design Thinking / Sprints, Voice of the Customer / Lean.
  • Delivery Assurance.
    • Kanban and Scrum.
    • Story Points, Value Points, BFB.
    • Agree the Time, Cost, or Scope prioritisation.
  • Change Management.

Prioritisation Excellence – A Balanced Continuous Innovation Program (future state).

  • Planning Workshop involving Key Stakeholder representatives.
  • Backlog Development of “The Single View” applying Delivery Excellence principals.
    • Inflight, Planned, Aspirational.
    • First “Delivery Excellence” candidate project.
  • Resource and Capabilities.
    • Inhouse Capability.
    • External Augmentation.
    • Budgeting and Funding Sources.



We equally understand that not all of the Digital Excellence challenges faced by our clients can be addresses by pre-packaged frameworks and programs, no matter how impactful they are.  This is where our Leadership and Capability Excellence consultants, practitioners, engineers, and developers can augment your own personnel for the most critical of your Digital Transformation programs and initiatives.

Success Shaping and Delivery Assurance

We provide expert consulting and leadership capability across the constituent methodologies and disciplines of our Delivery Excellence framework, including Design Thinkers, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Lean / Agile Project Managers, Test Architects, and Change Managers.

Cloud and Security

Migrating your infrastructure to the Cloud lays the foundations for your digital transformation journey, however it is not transformational of itself.  Transfit’s Cloud, Security, and IdAM Architects and Engineers will help you define best practice Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud strategies, that leverage all major Cloud vendor’s services, thus setting your organisation on a DevSecOps and PaaS enabled journey that will secure and transform your entire business, not just your IT.

Enterprise SaaS Applications

Our philosophy is simple.  Never build what you can buy, however implementing a generic SaaS platform will never deliver true competitive advantage either (given anyone else can do that also).  This is where Transfit’s Enterprise Application expertise comes in.  Working across all major best of breed SaaS platforms and the major sectors they address including ITIL, CRM, HCM, and Modern Workplace, Transfit Experience Design Consultants and Engineers can not only help your with your Enterprise Application Implementations, but the Integration, Configuration, and Bespoke Applications that make these SaaS assets truly unique to your business, whilst preserving their upgrade paths and ubiquitous cloud benefits.

Bespoke Solutions

Transfit’s Software Architects and Developer Leads can work with and augment your own development teams to deliver cutting edge Bespoke Applications for all modern end points including Web, Mobile, Cloud, Edge, AR / VR, and APIs.

From a technology standpoint our capability is even broader, delivering against all major cloud Vendors, Technologies, and Application segments, including AI, IoT, and RPA.  Furthermore, a rigid adherence to proven Development Methodologies will help instill a transparent and best practice approach to ‘Modern and Complex’ Bespoke Application Development within your organisation.

Data and Insights

Established businesses have one major advantage over newcomers – your years of data.  The challenge is how to structure and analyse it in a way that provides true insights and competitive advantage.  Most data is unstructured and or siloed, and the people charged with setting the course for the business are typically not data analysts or scientists.

Transfit’s Enterprise Wide Data Estate Implementation is all about taking our clients on a Data Discovery and Analysis journey that delivers tangible business benefits beyond federating disparate data sources.  Our Data Engineers and Scientists and BI Developers can help you harness the full value and insights contained in your new Enterprise Wide Data Estate.