The ‘Ten Thousand Foot’ View


Digital Transformation Consulting

A Digital Transformation journey goes well beyond migrating to the cloud or implementing some ‘cool new tech’.  Done properly, Digital Transformation addresses and includes every aspect and employee of the business, and is as much about culture change as it is about technology upgrades.  This is where Transfit’s holistic blend of Management and Technology consulting comes to the fore.

The best practice methodologies included in our Digital Transformation practice prepare our client’s entire organisation for success by addressing the key transformation disciplines that are too often assumed or ignored by technology providers.

These include

  • Aligning your Digital Transformation strategy with your overall Business Strategy
  • Design Thinking to identify and agree the real issues being addressed by the digital transformation initiative,
  • Business Process Management to map the improvements agreed and impacts identified,
  • Data Driven Decision Support to experiment and analyse all risk and ROI considerations,
  • Agile, Lean Start Up, Six Sigma, and Scrum methodologies to deliver rapid, incremental, transparent, and measurable improvements right from the outset,

all of which integrate tightly with our four Technology practices, as follows.

Cloud IaaS Solutions

Migrating your infrastructure to the Cloud lays the foundations for your digital transformation journey, however it is not transformational of itself.  Transfit’s carefully considered and architected Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud strategies leverage all available Cloud services to ensure your infrastructure migration is just the beginning of a DevOps and PaaS enabled journey that will transform your entire business, not just your IT.

SaaS Platform Solutions

Our philosophy is simple.  Never build what you can buy, however implementing a generic SaaS platform will never deliver true competitive advantage (given anyone else can do that also).

This is where Transfit’s ‘Platform Plus’ expertise comes in.  Working across all major best of breed SaaS platforms, including ERP, CRM, HR, Payroll, and Office Productivity, Transfit can deliver, not only the Implementation, but the Integration, Configuration, and Bespoke Applications that make these SaaS assets truly unique to your business, whilst preserving their upgrade paths and ubiquitous cloud benefits.

Bespoke Solutions

Transfit develops Bespoke Applications for all modern end points including Web, Mobile, Cloud, Edge, AR / VR, and APIs.

From a technology standpoint our field of operation is even broader, delivering against all major cloud Vendors, Technologies, and Application segments, including AI, IoT, and RPA.  Furthermore, a rigid adherence to proven Development Methodologies invokes our transparent and best practice approach to ‘Modern and Complex’ Bespoke Application Development.

Data Solutions

Established businesses have one major advantage over newcomers – your years of data.  The challenge is how to structure and analyse it in a way that provides true insights and competitive advantage.  Most data is unstructured and or siloed, and the people charged with setting the course for the business are typically not data analysts or scientists.

Transfit’s ‘Data Driven Decisioning’ is all about taking our clients on a Data Discovery and Analysis journey that delivers tangible business benefits.  This isn’t a lineal journey however, it is a cyclical one that can start at any point of realisation, and then iterate sensibly and logically to harness the full value and insights contained in your data.