Why customers should engage Transfit

engage Transfit

Customer Success is our Number 1 Core Common Commitment

Whilst most professional services firms will claim “Customer Success” as part of their modus operandi, for Transfit this is ingrained as our first priority against which all staff are measured (see Core Common Commitments under Careers).   This commitment incorporates transparent and unambiguous priorities, approaches, behaviours, and reporting expectations and disciplines.

Yes we support Agile as a delivery framework, however that doesn’t mean all care, no responsibility.  Our Estimation, Quotation, and Milestone Reporting frameworks ensure all engagements, from the smallest assessment piece to the largest whole of project undertaking, are delivered to agreed, exacting, measurable, and documented standards.

We also promise

  • A Genuine and Transparent Client Partnership approach.
  • Consistent and Enduring Technology Choices.
  • Rigorous Estimations and Risk Assessments, and transparent presentation of these to our Customers.
  • Time and Materials or Fixed Price options.
  • Elite Consulting, Delivery, and People team personnel – both onshore and offshore.
  • Blended Onshore and Offshore teams delivering scale and economy.
  • Co-Creation Facilities that provide optimal Productivity and Collaboration.